The last episode of Dragon Ball Super is historic, to say the least. The series was able to depict some plot that even Twitter world gave them a nod. The heroics of Android 17, which is now considered as the MVP of tournament of power, is highly recognised by many. Apparently, him living on earth for quite a while made him more human.

However, in that same episode, legions of fans were able to witness a glimpse of Jiren’s life. The member of the pride trooper of universe 11 or widely known as the strongest warrior in the competition had a rough childhood.


Unlike Vegeta who was born in a kingdom under a watchful eye of the king, which is his father, Jiren didn’t have any such luck during his early years. To make matters worse, his family was murdered by an “evil doer”.

Jiren was able to witness this horrific event at a young age. He was then kept and trained by his master and it provided him with the guts to fight the Evil Doer. Jiren was able to gather some men but it wasn’t enough as the evil doer succeeded and easily dispatching his friends including his master.

Jiren attempted to challenge the evil doer again but none of his friends wants to join him. From that point, Jiren was certain that being strong is the only way to survive.

Black Goku?

Now, who is the evil doer? Is he from another Universe? What is the reason behind the evil doer invading such a small town? There is a lot of speculation right now on the internet on who the evil doer is. The very first name that comes to mind when they showed the silhouette is Black Goku. Multiple fans tend to judge it based on the aura that was projected as well.


However, some fans don’t agree with that conclusion. According to famed YouTubers, while it is possible that Black Goku might be the evil doer, they have to take note of few names that could be linked to this evil being.

Belmod: The God of Destruction of Universe 11

It might sound ludicrous but he might be the evil doer. Aside from being the God Of Destruction, it was stated a few episodes before that the reason why they are present in a certain Universe is to maintain the state of balance. It might be that Jiren’s world is not that good enough to survive which is why it was attacked.

Also, Marcarita, who is the angel for the universe 11 might have reversed the time when Jiren was about to find out who the evil doer is. The only problem is, there are no sufficient proof about this claim.

Daishinkan: The Grand Priest

Prior to the tournament starting, a lot of Dragon Ball Super experts believe that The Grand Priest has some evil intention in the tournament of power. It is not clear what his motive is but they are certain that he and his angels will double cross Zeno. With that said it could be that the Daishinkan has foreseen the magnitude of Jiren’s power.


But it is also ironic as Jiren only discovered his true powers when the evil doer attacked his family.