This is not the first time we’ve seen Vegeta take matters into his own hands. It is a trait that brings him trouble and at the same time unlock his full potential. The Saiyan Prince is a lot like Goku but the only different thing is, Vegeta seems to value life more than Goku. Remember the scene when he was about to break down and he thought of his family (Bulma, Trunks and Bulla)?

Vegeta's last dance

Same can be said towards Goku but not that genuine like Vegeta. Goku’s thirst for fighting and being the strongest is showing a glimpse of his dark side.


Famed YouTuber, ExperGamez also discussed this so-called dark side of Goku and he raised some interesting points about it.

Going back to Episode 128 which has the title 'Prideful till the end! Vegeta falls!', it is now guaranteed that Vegeta will be eliminated from the tournament of power. There is a lot of speculation about how what his elimination will be, but as of the moment, there are no available trailers yet. The exhaustion that the Saiyan prince in this tournament is far beyond ordinary.

Not only he fought the greatest fighters from other universes, he also eliminated the next God Of Destruction which is Toppo. Legions of Dragon Ball fans are actually divided right now on who should be the main protagonist of the show. Surprisingly, Vegeta is now ahead of Goku according to some of the polls.

If Vegeta gets eliminated in the next two episodes, how will Android 17 and Frieza play out in the succeeding instalment? Well, right now, both of them, are heavily damaged. Yes, Android has the uncanny ability to have an unlimited stamina but it is also clear, that stamina alone is not enough against the strongest fighter in the multiverse, Jiren The Gray.


Fusion Theory is dead

It is scary to think that Jiren has just started enjoying the tournament of power. It is even hair-raising that he hasn’t showcased his real power yet. Just by merely glaring at any attack, he can either deflect or destroy it. Vegeta’s elimination does give any fans an idea how might Jiren is. Also due to this information, the theory about Goku and Vegeta doing fusion is down the drain. There are no leads yet on how Jiren will be eliminated or defeated. Goku has already attained ultra instinct and other forms.

Jiren has been ganged up on by Universe 7. Until now, they can’t slow him down. Hopefully, Goku has one more trick up his sleeve to survive the last arc in Dragon Ball Super.