Probably, Frieza learned a thing or two about waking up a sleeping giant. The Evil Emperor is great at getting on his enemies' nerves but this is surely his biggest regret. Apparently, Toppo is already tired of Universe 7’s tactics and treating him like a B+ warrior. Legions of fans of the series were stunned when they saw what the Leader of the Pride Trooper is capable of.

The immovable force of Toppo

Jiren, Goku and Vegeta were able to sense a power shift and a menacing aura that surrounded the area.


At that time, Jiren was certain that Toppo had decided to stop playing games with Universe 7. However, Frieza doesn’t still seem to get it. He went far and beyond in insulting the next God Of Destruction. Toppo actually let Frieza attack him and gave his best shot. Nevertheless, golden Frieza was devastated and was thrown at the edge of the arena like he was nothing.

Android 17 did his best to destroy the awoken giant. The only problem is, Toppo had already made up his mind and the fans might be seeing the last of Android 17 in the tournament.

Vegeta, who fought Toppo in the earlier part of the series knew that a certain level of sacrifice needs to be done for them to outlast the Universe 11 fighters. The latest promo for episode 126 shows that Toppo is towering Android 17, while Vegeta is on top of the hill scouting.

The pride of the Saiyan Prince

Vegeta is already exhausted in dealing with multiple fighters, especially with Jiren. He mentioned himself that he had provided his all in trying to eliminate the strongest fighter in the tournament.


One good thing about Vegeta is his uncanny way of dealing with his opponents. There are various theories created by Dragon Ball Super fans about a new power that Vegeta will show. Final explosion and gamma flash are just a few names that these fans wanted to see.

Another Warrior will be eliminated

With that said, the desperate attack will be the last resort for Vegeta in staying in the tournament. The only thing guaranteed for the next episode is another warrior will be eliminated. Right now, Frieza, Android 17 and Vegeta are the likeliest to be eliminated.

There are exactly five minutes left in the Tournament of Power but still no signs of Jiren slowing down.The Gods of Destruction watching Jiren are still mystified except Belmod or the Clown God. He and Jiren have a connection and until now, nobody seems to notice it. Jiren’s unpredictability is what makes him very dangerous.