A few more episodes and Dragon Ball Super is almost over. Before the impending end of this monumental series, there is one bout that fans are curious to see. That is the fight between Vegeta and Toppo. Remember the first time when they had the chance to fight each other but Vegeta thinks that Toppo is just a supporting fighter? This time there is no turning back.

The Pride Trooper's leader is pissed

Apparently, the Pride Trooper Leader had enough of these Universe 7 fighters trying to shove him as a B plus warrior.


It is no secret that Jiren The Gray is the strongest fighter in the multiverse. Even Toppo admitted it during the start of the tournament. However, nobody knows what power Toppo possesses. Until now, the mystique that is surrounding the remaining fighters of Universe 11 is making Universe 7 create more mistakes.

Legions of fans and famed YouTubers thought that they’ve seen the best of Toppo. They thought that the Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku is more than enough to dispatch the so-called next God of Destruction.

According to the recent translation from Ken Xyro and magazines all over Japan, Toppo will unleash a devastating aura that made him worthy as the next God of Destruction.

Vegeta's Quest

But Vegeta and his Saiyan pride won’t back down from Toppo. Knowing the current situation that Universe 7 is in, Vegeta will counter Toppo with every move and what makes this episode watchable is, Vegeta might be able to defeat Toppo. If that happens, it means that Vegeta has the capability to be a God or probably an Angel too. For those who aren’t familiar, the Angels are the sensei or master of these Gods of Destruction.


Goodbye, Universe 11 fighters

The only problem is, another fighter from Universe 7 will be eliminated. This scenario might be familiar with Gohan where he sacrificed himself to eliminate Dyspo with him. Android 17 is the most likely fighter to be eliminated next. Nobody expected him to last this long. There is one intriguing part of the translation provided as it clearly states that Toppo will bring down Frieza and Android 17.

Multiple resources also state that Jiren will be also involved in this fight as they have a strategic plan for eliminating 3 fierce warriors all at once.

It would be awesome for TOEI Animation or Akira Toriyama to at least create a side story of Universe 11. Few might admit but it would be cool to see the origin of these ferocious warriors.