The news sent shockwaves through the legions of fans of Dragon Ball Super. Many were unprepared for the decision TOEI Animation made, but it is really happening. There’s only one reason why they are somehow ending the series prematurely. They are going all in with the Dragon Ball movie that has been teased since last year.

Fans are divided over the conclusion that was made and they felt TOEI Animation left them hanging. There are still multiple storylines and angles that can be created in Dragon Ball Super but they opted not to do it right now.


YouTube sensation ExperGamez, who is great in providing insights about the series is also stunned by the news. He admits it in his latest video that he didn’t saw it coming.

Remaining episodes in the tournament

As of this time, the Dragon Ball Super series is reaching its pivotal moment in the tournament of power arc. There is no clear-cut winner yet as they are trying to give the spotlight to the remaining warriors in the tournament. Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 is a must to watch as it entails a very intriguing topic.

Gohan who is one of the sixth survivors who might be seeing his last in the tournament. It is still a mystery to why he went on to take Dyspo instead of double teaming with Android #18 in eliminating Toppo, the Leader of the Pride Trooper.

The pride of the Pride Trooper Leader

Toppo has been humiliated and treated like a second fiddle by a lot of warriors during the tournament. However, the biggest embarrassment that he received is when the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta, took him like a joke. Toppo isn't named the next God of Destruction if he doesn’t have the capabilities to be one of them. It is just a matter of time for Toppo to release his true power and it will happen in the next episode.


Jiren the Gray and his mission

Throughout the Dragon Ball series franchise, Goku seems to have the ability to withstand his enemies. But not Jiren The Gray from Universe 11. The pride warrior has a laser focus and he doesn’t care who is in front of him just to fulfil his mission. What's scary is, it was revealed that he hasn’t used 50% of his full potential. Goku and Vegeta have been trying to inflict damage and eliminate Jiren but to no avail, they haven't been successful. Expect Jiren the gray to unleash his ungodly power after the next two episodes.

If this will be the final fight in Dragon Ball Super, then TOEI Animation has proven their point. Although it only lasted for three years, the Dragon Ball Super series exceeded the expectations of its fans.