Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 was all about Universe 4 and their uncanny tactics to eliminate Universe 7. It started with the invisible Gamisaras and insectoid Damon.

Universe 7 fighter eliminated

Earlier today, @Herms98 provided an in-depth spoiler on Episode 120. Apparently, the tactical strategy of Universe 4 didn’t work with Universe 7. Quitela’s sneaky attack wasn’t enough which led to their destruction. However, on the same episode and fight, Universe 7 lost another warrior. Piccolo didn’t lose to any of the fighters from Universe 4. The pride Namekian actually slipped out of the arena. It sounds crazy but it did happen.


Universe 3’s perfect survival strategy

There’s no secret to why Universe 3 has the most number of fighters left in the tournament of power. Their Supreme Kai named Ea is set to believe as the most intellectual Kaioshin in the whole multiverse. Ea was the kaioshin who contact each kai’s in the multiverse to create a plan against Universe 7’s Goku. Jiren the Gray is the strongest and greatest fighter in the tournament right now and there is no question about it. But Universe 3’s teamwork can outwit everybody in the tournament.

Ea believes their Universe is far superior to others. Their warriors are machine-like creatures who had the ability to adapt and adjust at any given situation.

Goku in trouble, again

In any given fight, it is a golden rule to attack the weakest. Right now, most of the fighters in the multiverse believe Goku is running out of gas. Goku has already used his ultimate form and used variations to survive. Unfortunately, through this stages of transformation, still, it wasn't enough to beat Jiren The Gray.

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The last few episodes also show that Goku is either lying or on his knees. Koitsukai the leader of Universe 3 warriors will set the tone to attack Goku. There is no preview yet on how will they do it but based on what @Herms98 translated, Goku might be devastated.

The pride of the Saiyan Prince

Episode 118 and 119 looks to be an introduction to Vegeta's long overdue spotlight. Although episode 120 will surround on Universe 3's dominance, the latter part will showcase what Vegeta has been planning throughout the arc.

Dragon Ball Super fans know what he is capable of but they don't know yet if Toriyama will give a new form to Vegeta which will be different from Goku's Ultra Instict. Lastly, The Saiyan Prince will challenge Jiren the Gray to finish what Goku has started.