Exactly 15 minutes more and the tournament of power is about to finish. There are still no clear-cut winners in the episodic arc. But, one thing is for sure, Universe 6 and 2 won’t make it at the end of the tournament.

‘Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes’

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super provided their legions of fans a preview of what will happen in episode 118. Apparently, another Universe will meet their impending doom. Dragon Ball Super fanatics are also speculating the last episode will not only eliminate one universe, but two.


Universe 2: Time is up

Although Universe 2 has 3 fighters left, their prize gem fighter Brianne de Chateau or Ribrianne is already eliminated. Heles, The God Of Destruction for Universe 2 seems to have accepted their fate but interestingly, she is not showing it to her fighters. The last remaining fighters for Universe 2 already made a mistake when they opted to face Goku. Goku might be weak and doesn’t have the stamina left to fight but it’s a guarantee that he won’t lose to Universe 2.

Universe 6: The strongest Namekians alive

Unlike Universe 2, Universe 6 has dependable fighters and they have the ability to inflict damage to Piccolo and Gohan.

The true power of these Super Namekians is not revealed yet. However, multiple sources state that this duo has an unlimited regeneration power. With that said, these Namekians will be a force to reckon with. ExperGamez even compared these Namekians to Cell.

Goodbye Champa and Heles?

Fans might be seeing the final glimpse of the most charismatic God of Destruction and the only Goddess of Destruction in the Dragon Ball Super series. Champa, the God of Destruction for Universe 6 or better known as the brother of Beerus have garnered a lot of fans due to his personality.

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Champa and Beerus don't see eye to eye but the brothers still have a bond.

A recent poll by one Dragon Ball Super group on Facebook stated Champa is the most lovable God of Destruction. Champa is as strong like the other Gods but his witty and sarcastic personality make him the best. As for Heles, well, she wasn't provided that huge amount of screen time but nevertheless, she made an impact. Heles might be a destroyer but she definitely has a good heart. Heles was one of the Gods that sided with Goku when he suggested the tournament of power

Lastly, the worst case scenario that might happen in the next episode is, both Universe 6 and 2 might be eliminated together.

A recent post suggests that a new form from one of the characters will be out of rage and these Universes might be part of the casualty.