The last episode of Dragon Ball Super was short of amazing, to say the least. Both Universe 2 and 6 were eliminated. However, the saddest part was when Beerus attempted to say something to his brother Champa but didn’t do it. Instead, Champa did what everybody expected from him, which is to make faces and annoy his brother.

Universe 4’s stealth attack

This is not the first time that we’ve heard about Universe 4 but this will definitely bring shockwaves to the tournament of power. Episode 119’s original title was; 'Another Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!'.


However, it was changed to 'Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!'. For those avid fans who’ve followed this arc, it is not a surprise that titles might vary or change in an instant due to a translation issue or it might be that Toriyama revealed too much.

While Universe 7 was still in awe of the elimination of Universe 6, Universe 4 manage to move quietly. Quitela, the God Of Destruction for Universe 4 has a master plan and based on the preview, it is working perfectly. Few of the warriors from Quitela’s Universe were revealed and the fiercest ones are the things that the naked eye can’t see. Quitela and Beerus are rivals. With that said, the fight between Universe 4 and Universe 7 will be an instant classic.

Vegeta on the edge of the stage

Amongst the warriors in the tournament of power, Vegeta has been the most steady. The Saiyan Prince knows the fight is far from over, that is why he is reserving his energy. The only problem is, Universe 4 warrior knows they have to get rid of him. It looks like Vegeta is being carried by an unknown entity which was shown on the preview of the latest episode. If this will happen, it is a guarantee that the majority of the Dragon Ball community will go nuts on Toriyama and TOEI Animation.

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First, fans are already pissed off Vegeta is taking lightly by some characters. Remember the episode when Arale basically beat Vegeta with one kick? Second, fans are still waiting for Toriyama to give Vegeta the spotlight he rightfully deserves. Lastly, Goku has his shares of multiple transformations already while Vegeta is still stuck with his old form.

Beerus' revenge or Quitela's victory

Prior to the Tournament of Power, it was revealed there was one God of Destruction who beat Beerus. This is none other than the mouse-like creature, Quitela.

The disdain between the 2 Gods is immeasurable. If these Gods were allowed to fight with each other for survival, there is no doubt they will do it in an instant. For now, Quitela has Beerus' numbers and wants to destroy Universe 7.