Dragon Ball Super has seen a lot of screen time for Goku and Vegeta. With both of them being the powerhouse of the universe 7, some fans are thinking that either, or both of them, would win the tournament. Of course, there's Gohan and Frieza too, both formidable fighters that are possibly the wittiest in the bunch. But when it comes to the reality of the tournament, who has the chance to get the victory for the Universe 7?

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If there's someone that fits here, that someone will be Goku.


Every fan knows how strong Goku is, so Goku can easily beat other participants with his sheer strength. The problem with Goku is, it is expected that he will be targeted in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power because of his bad reputation. He can equal Toppo in a one on one match, but what if it is Goku vs. Toppo vs. Jiren vs. anybody else? As strong as Goku might be, his odds of becoming the tournament champion is kind of low. But would it be interesting if we see Toppo & Jjiren vs Goku & Vegeta?

Some fans will likely think of Vegeta or Gohan next, being the next strongest participants.

Vegeta's Powerup and Gohan's new form are included in the most anticipated power-ups that are being expected in the arc. Gohan have a good chance of winning the Tournament when he never let his fatal flaw, which is being playful while absorbed in his power, get through his head.

And of course, there's Frieza and his Golden Form. Since Frieza will not betray Universe 7, he will do anything to get his freedom and be resurrected again. As one of the wittiest in the bunch, he has ways to survive and be able to win the Tournament and his resurrection.

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Some fans are thinking about Krillin winning the Tournament. Ignoring the number of times he has been owned, it can be said that Krillin is one of the most defensive characters in Dragon Ball Super and even in the past series of the Franchise. Conserving his energy and let the guys such as Goku and Vegeta be on the front line, is a strategy that would be very useful for him.

Another character that is good in survival skills would be Piccolo. What he lacks in power, he makes up with resilience and techniques.

Being Gohan's master and Goku's sparring mate isn't something to be overlooked when looking at Piccolo's resume. He also has regeneration, which is a must for prolonged battles. If Android 17 and Android 18 were still machines, their unending stamina would be perfect for this kind of tournament.