A few hours ago new information was published of what will happen in the next chapter number 93 of the anime series "Dragon Ball Super". It shows the new power that has the villain Freezer. For the first time a villain will have the vote of confidence in humanity and the warriors of the Universe 7th and planet Earth.

At first it was speculated that Frost, was the twin brother of the villain Freezer, but it is not so as they are different creatures by race and not by kinship; Frost is a deserter "Pirate" since his interior was to save his family with some members.


But according to the history of the manga, something unexpected happened on the part of the race of Frost why the God Of Destruction Champa was the one who destroyed the life of each Individual, leading participant Frost to the edge of death. it was offered to him to be a warrior that the happening thing was only by the good of him and of the potential that has like more complete warrior of the Universe 6.

The plot

Although the Saiyans continue to think that their "Ki" is not evil and in their heart there is only one day justice to the events revealed.

There is a hypothesis that Frost would offer to be a warrior for Freezer's army and thus be able to accompany him in his investigations of the planets that can lead with its power and thus have a rank in which can no longer be humiliated by the God of destruction Champa.

To the advantage of the Universe 6 the fighter will continue until the tournament of power, which is organised by the Zeno-Samas Gods and thus there is only one winner while the other Universes are in danger of being erased. Frost would reach a new phase to see that there are more fighters with a high level of fighting power and is something that can be seen in the advances of chapter 93, in which you can see Hit against Frost, in an excellent training to see its disadvantages, while Kyabe will be in charge of training the two women Saiyajins.

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For the first time, the Universe 6th will have the strongest level of power, skills that will be of great help in standing on the platform. Many of you will remember that falling off the platform will be automatically eliminated and leaving your Universe with little probability. The excellent thing about Frost is that he reaches the phase 2 transformation that makes him be a beast with energies and a white aura capable of assassinating his adversary with his hands in seconds.

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