Frieza has been revived, and it will be a Good News (or not?) for Universe 7 as Frieza is one of the most powerful fighters in their universe. But someone is not happy for that, specifically, Universe 9's God Of Destruction Sidra. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 95 will see Frieza's ultimate power, but will Zen-Oh Sama be happy with this?

Zen-Oh And Goku

It is no secret that Zeno-Sama and Goku are in very good terms with each other. While all other characters, even the Gods of Destructions, trembles at Zeno-Sama's presence, Goku talks to him in a laid-back way. Zeno-Sama even gave Goku an Emergency Switch for him to push whenever he needs Zeno-Sama's help.


What would Zeno-Sama do when he found out that somebody's trying to cheat in the Tournament of Power by trying to hurt Goku?

Sidra's Plan And Zen-Oh's Punishment

As reported by Comic Book, Zeno-Sama might erase Sidra and Universe 9 because of his assassination plan against Frieza. Sidra and Rou plan to use assassins to threatened the two, and they have no choice but to join forces to defeat the assassins. This is not only a threat to Goku and Frieza's safety but is also a dirty trick before the most awaited Tournament of Power. Zeno-Sama erased universes from the past with more petty reasons than Sidra's plot.

New Characters Revealed

While Universe 9 is busy trying to bring Universe 7 down, new characters were introduced by Toei Animation in their Japanese Page. They introduced new Kaioshin, a new God of Destruction, a new angel and a new warrior. As per the translation of the page, it is revealed that these characters are from Universe 2 and Universe 3. Pell is the Kaioshin of the Universe 2. It has been stated that he loves training for the strength of his body. Other than that, there was no other information about him.

Top Videos of the Day

Jerez is the God of Destruction of the Universe 2. Like an Egyptian Goddess, the God of Destruction has a very high Aesthetic sense and values beauty more than anything in this world. She seems to be not found of everything that is ugly. Lilians or Ribrianne is a warrior from Universe 2. She has a big appearance and seems to pack a huge stamina and punch power. But this wild warrior is known more to be the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs. This warrior attacks with rush/thrust/punch combo.

And last but not the least is the angel known as Saware.

His most notable characteristics are his symmetrical attire, his left side of the body matches his right side body appearance. He is described as someone who loves intellectual things. It can be remembered that Goku needs new warriors to fill Majin Buu's gap. Yamcha, Paikuhan, and even his father Bardock have been rumored to fill the missing role. Who would be the tenth warrior? Stay tuned for more updates.