Netflix is streaming starting August 25th an anime whose quality may be vaguely compared to a beautiful piece of art as it was written, produced, acted beautifully. One thing that may help get this fact across is that this is not the first time a movie is being adapted from Death Note.

There are actually already three Death Note movies in addition to the original anime and the original actually reaches an end. So the other adaptations are continuations from the end of the original story, which was marvellous.


The Synopsis of Death Note

The story is about a Death God and his Death Note. A Death God named Ryuk got bored with his life, and to spice up his life he decided to break the rules and dropped his Death Note into the human world. The Death Note is then picked up by a high school student called Light. Light is a bright student who is also the Police Chiefs son, who has great academic hopes placed upon his shoulders.

When he gets the book, because of his intellect gets to use it for quite some time before the heat got turned into his direction.

He decided to use the book to kill criminals, and at some point had crime down by around 70%, as criminals were all scared of being killed by “Kira”. That’s the name that the populous gave him, Kira. To be able to catch Kira the police needed extra help that came from a police consultant who nobody had ever seen before but was famous for helping the police crack innumerable cases.

His name is L, yeah just L. L is also an intellectually gifted individual who works his way to Kira and plays a big role in the pursuit of Kira.


Ryuk and the Death Note can only be seen by people who have touched the book or a piece of it. The Death Note can also grant visual powers for a price, Reaper eyes can be acquired but you have to pay for it using half of your life. With the reaper eyes, one can be able to see everyone’s names thus enabling them to write the said name in the Death Note and be able to kill easier.

A Death God like Ryuk can with his eyes be able to see a person’s name and the years left in his life before he dies.

Fan reaction to this new Netflix series

This Netflix adaptation has some people mad as they don’t see any reason to have an American version of the series when there is already an Anime version that is working great.

Others also are not happy with the script ticks’ that have been done; feeling like this is not Death Note anymore but a knockoff of the original. There was a myriad of trolls out on Twitter after the trailer was unveiled. Hollywood has had bad luck with other anime adaptations like Dragonball and Ghost in the shell.

Others are happy that there will soon be a Seattle adaptation of Death Note, already happy with the way Ryuk is depicted, among other characters. Others still are not in the least beat fazed by all this, as this may probably be the first time they have heard about it and if not the first time they have heard about it, it is still definitely the first time they are going to actually see it.


Maybe that may be the ultimate reason behind these adaptations, to enable the maximum reach of good products/shows/ideas.

Time will tell how this adaptation will be taken by its intended consumers, but when all is said and done Death Note is an awesome anime, if Netflix disappoints, be sure to look for the original anime, it’s likely not to let you down.