With the return of Freezer confirmed, we show you the official summaries of chapters 90, 91, 92 and 93 of "Dragon Ball Super." These episodes will mark the end of the recruitment of Goku, with a completely unexpected outcome.

Summary Chapter 90: The 10 members of the team led by Goku are finally ready. With little time for the tournament, Goku and Tenshinhan have a team bout against Picollo and Gohan.

Summary Chapter 91: In training, Gohan proves to have enough power to deal with Goku. Meanwhile, Vegeta heads to Dende's palace to train once more in the room of time.


Summary Chapter 92: Majin Buu, a valuable member of the universe 7 team cannot participate. He slept, and certainly will not wake up for two months. Goku prepares a plan B.

Summary chapter 93: After seeing for himself that Buu does not wake up no matter what happens, Goku suggests going in search of Freezer as the last member of the team. While everyone is opposed, Goku hurries to ask Uranai Baba to resurrect Freezer and get him out of hell for a period of 24 Hours.

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Those are the complete summaries of the next episodes.

Certainly, what we all speculated is fulfilled, as the reason for Majin Buu's non-participation is his dream. Curiously, the pink monster has long days of sleep the same as Beerus has. On the other hand, not even Goku himself can wake him up, so he has to go in search of his old enemy.

Why Majin Buu can not wake up

We know that if Mr. Satan calls Buu he will wake up, but this time it is impossible even for him. The most logical reason to explain this is that Majin Buu has trained too much and his body is extremely exhausted.

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In addition to this, the lack of custom tired him too much and his dream is heavier than ever, making it impossible to wake him even for the same world champion of martial arts.

On the other hand, we are confirming that Freezer will not be resurrected, but will be given a period of 24 hours to participate in the tournament. However, we think that Freezer will impose conditions to participate. One of those conditions would be to bring him back to life. Similarly, Beerus will be present, so we doubt that Freezer tries anything to betray the side.

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