In the last weeks, there was a great stir due to the return of the former emperor of the universe and the great enemy of Goku, Freezer. This return could occur because Majin Buu might fall asleep before the tournament of power and it could be that Goku that will have the idea to revive the tyrant to supplant it. However, in spite of everything, it was not certain that this villain would appear. These doubts could end today, as the official website of Toei revealed an Image of Freezer walking with a halo on his head.


The plot

The first image of the new "Dragon Ball Super" opening, shows Freezer - in the same position as Majin buu - with his arms at his waist, walking and with a halo on his head. This image fits perfectly with the opening scene of the series in which we see the seventh universe warriors walking the platform of the tournament.

The first interesting fact that we confirm is that Freezer - as we knew before - would not be revived, but would be granted an exclusive license to participate in the tournament.

This is something similar to what happened with Goku in the martial arts tournament Of Earth before the Buu saga. Then we see that he does not return in his fourth form as he did in the resurrection film, but he does it directly in its final form.

Is Freezer's return 100 percent confirmed?

Not necessarily. It is a fact that Freezer will reappear, but he might not necessarily participate. Everything we see today with the news coming out day after day may be a simple marketing strategy to further raise the audience of the series.

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Freezer is a character well liked by fans of the franchise and his return could generate a greater audience. However, we continue with our position that Majin Buu will be the one who will participate in the tournament, waking up minutes before Freezer returns for the event .

Likewise - although Freezer does not return - it will be interesting to see how he takes to Goku and what his requirements will be to participate. Certainly his conditions and requirements will be directly connected with the dragon spheres as these objects are very much desired by the emperor, who lost everything through going on his quest.

We remind you that next week the 91st chapter of Dragon Ball Super will premiere and we will see how Frost fights to the death against the assassin Hit. The fight will be epic and the outcome will conclude if they can participate in the "tournament of power." You can follow us on Blasting News for more news about the anime 'Dragon Ball Super.'