After seeing Chapter 89 of "Dragon Ball Super" where Goku formally included as members of his team Ten Shin Han and Master Roshi, we can finally concentrate again on Gohan's progress as a warrior, now that he has decided to return to battle. And this is why next week we will see an exciting fight between father and son Píccolo and the faithful companion of Chaos. Also for the first time since the public battles, we will see an intervention by Ramushi, who is the destroying god of the universe ten.


What will the battle between Gohan and his father be like?

Piccolo who as he said, continued training while Gohan studied and dedicated his life to his family, achieved incredible power, worthy of being a member of great importance for the team of universe seven. Thanks to him, Gohan was able to recover his state of Mystical or definitive. Ten Shin Han looks troubled as he faces his fellow of the Seven universe, which is not strange, as Gohan and Piccolo have trained hard. Goku, as we all know, is the hero of the series and is in constant fights, always in good physical condition and with great energy.

For this reason Ten Shin Han looks very uncomfortable in this fight.

During the friendly encounter, it can be seen that Goku's base state cannot keep up with Gohan's mystical rhythm. That's why he becomes super saiyajin two. However, this is not enough and Gohan demands that he does not contain himself, adding to his speech he that will surpass his father in power. This is something that if comes to fruition again will be an epic for fans, given that it is a long awaited event since the end of Majin Buu saga, when the Goten's brother retired from the fights.

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What are the intentions of the destroying god of universe ten?

In chapter 90 we will see Ramushi get in action along with his guide angel. They both belong to universe ten. They will make their appearance on the planet of Gowasu where they will surely begin to plan their master move to face off in the power tournament. Maybe Ramushi wants to get a lot more information about Goku and company as Gowasu knows them very well? He could ask about the Zamasu revolution, as that is important information for his universe.

As a special anecdote, in the advance of Chapter 90 there appeared a muscular abdomen of red color. The first thing that occurs to us is that it is a new personage and could be related to the participants of universe ten in the power tournament because Which appeared after the god of destruction.

Finally, we are told the title of the next chapter which is: "A wall to overcome. Goku vs. Gohan. " This chapter will be broadcast on Sunday, May 14, 2017 in Japan. This is all the information about chapter 90 of 'Dragon Ball Super.' If you have any questions or concerns do not forget to leave them in the comment box.


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