Recently the world of Dragon Ball was shaken because the Facebook page of Gojiitaaf published an image with the upcoming titles of the chapters 91, 92 and 93.

The shaking occurred when the controversial page released the anticipated and exciting news to fans that Freezer will be returning to the intense saga. Freezer will be, according to reports and spoilers, be returning as an ally, not a villain. He will be a member of a team of warriors that will be using universe seven for the power tournament.


He will be replacing one of the previously designated warriors, who will not be able to participate, possibly due to injury (details not yet confirmed).

The news of Freezer's return was initially highly speculated and then questioned after its announcement. There are many theories all over the internet, analysing and attempting to explain why they may be bringing him back. Everyone is trying to make sense of what may be happening in the storyline, however, some fans are very happy and excited to see him back on our screens.

Many fans thought Freezers return was impossible due to the idea o of such a huge character returning again after SO many appearances over the years. Many believed the writers were done with his storyline, but it seems that they had changed their mind.

Several hours ago the official confirmation of Freezers return was made public. The writers have confirmed that Freezer will appear and participate in the Power Tournament, so one of the ten team members, who was initially chosen, will leave and he will take their place.


What will happen for this to occur?

Who will Freezer be replacing in the Power Tournament team and why?

Unfortunately and incredibly, Majin Buu will give up his place among the warriors of Beerus, which is quite depressing for the fans but coincides with the arrival of Freezer,. Given what happened with the Champa tournament, all the fans will have the desire to see the mighty warrior put up a good fight. The reason why Majin Buu will be out is the same as always, he will be entering into a deep asleep for two months, which he will be unable to be awoken from.

It seems that the enthusiasm showed after the public battles were pure filling.

On the other hand, it has been clarified that it is Goku who suggests that it could be the Cold Warrior who replaces the friend of Mr Satan, however, all his companions are opposed to this idea. This leaves the last word in the hands of Beerus who once again gives his support to Goku's decisions.

Will Freezer be evangelised and continue with his life after the tournament?

A popular theory about these upcoming episodes is many believe Akira Toriyama is intending to give Freezer an opportunity during the tournament to transform and later obtain a much softer personality after learning some important lessons.


However, many other fans believe this is unlikely as they think that it is impossible for Freezer to achieve this, even if we have to wait and see the conditions that they will have to participate in and watch him gain the trust of their new partners.

This character who was one of the most feared villains in Dragon Ball, will not be revived with Dragon Spheres, but rather something similar will occur as to what happened with Goku, when Uranai Baba took him from the other world just for a few hours.