In the last few hours a lot of information about the next episode of the successful series “Dragon Ball Super”, which is scheduled to be released on April 8th, has come out. As far as we know, the main topic of the episode will center itself in the meeting celebrated at Universe 11 between all but Universe 7’s deities. This information has been revealed by the weekly edition of the Shonen Jump magazine. Next we will bring you all the news about it.


Summary: Will the deities reach an agreement before the tournament begins?

  • The Supreme Kais of all the Universes meet before the Tournament of Power begins. Some of them agree in asking Zeno-Sama to reconsider his decision about the tournament, but in overall the opinions are diverse and it hard for them to reach to a common agreement. In the meantime, all the Gods of destruction from the rest of the Universes scheme a plan to head to Goku’s house.
  • Gohan takes a time to seek his former master of training Piccolo and ask him to join Universe 7’s team and fight along his father Goku to sabe the Universe.
  • Majin Buu has performed a special training to prepare himself for the tournament, but he doesn’t want to wait for it to begin and wants to fight Goku at once. After many years, his body is now in shape for battle again, and wants to test it against the protagonist of the series.
  • Goku tries to find Android 17 without success, but he finally remembers that Dende, as a god, has the skill of finding anyone, and seeks out for his help.

What will happen in the next episodes?

On episode 86 of “Dragon Ball Super”, Android 18 will meet with her brother. Akira Toriyama, the creator of this great series, has confirmed that Android 17 adopted 2 sons and will surely provide fresh data about his family in the next episodes.

On another subject, 23 complete edition of the manga will be published on April 20th, and it’s rumored that Goku and Vegeta will finally merge into Vegitto to finally defeat Zamasu. It is also rumored that future Trunks will also reach his Enraged Super Saiyan stage. In the manga 22 Trunks didn’t had much relevance, so the news about his new transformation will surely help him gain importance. Possibly Zeno-Sama will finally appear on edition #24.

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