After the small training of Gohan, Goku and Krilin In order to see their skills and determine if he is prepared for the power tournament in which he will have to fight with very strong subjects, in addition to convincing the android number 18 to also join the team of universe number 7, It's time to talk about the impressive preview of the next episode, so let's get started.

This exciting breakthrough revealed new characters and many questions about which one can speculate, so then we leave the details we could notice about the advancement of chapter number 85 of Dragon Ball Super.


Episode 85

In the advance of the chapter you see an open confrontation between Goku and Boo, but the curious thing is the form of Boo that is not with its traditional chubby and plump shape, also seems that the fight Goku takes it as a test for Boo, that has awakened that taste for the fight.

On the other hand, there is the meeting of the kaioshin, but not in the way we at all expected, but this is given by means of the crystal balls belonging to the angels, is directed by Kai the kaioshin of the universe 11. On the other hand, the citation of the gods of destruction must be of equal form, but in neither meeting can they reach an agreement.

Squadron of pride

And finally we will see in action the squadron of pride of the universe 11, led by Toppo who is on a mission in that universe to recover peace and the order that has been altered; in addition it will be made known to all members of said troop, for the first time we will see Jiren "the gray", which is trained in a way mental by concentration, as happened with Dábura, this makes some beings significantly increase their powers.

With this would be little for the start of the most anticipated tournament of all time, which no doubt many fans of the series look forward to emotion and above all the long-awaited confrontation of the saiyan of the universe 7, Goku against the strongest subject in the universe 11, Jiren and don't forget leave your comment below.

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