Everyone is preparing, both physically and mentally, for the Power Tournament. The warriors who will represent their Universes will have in their hands the survival of their worlds and the Kaioshins and Hakaishins are not exempt from nervousness and fear, since a defeat would unleash its own disappearance along with its entire universe.

A few hours after the start of the tournament, both Kaioshins and Hakaishins (accompanied by their angels) will attend a meeting in the 11 Universe of the Vermouth God, better known as the Clown God. Despite not being in any danger, the angels must accompany their protégés Gods of Destruction until the last moment.


However, what is the purpose of this meeting?

The facts

It is known that every 1000 years the gods have a meeting in which they meet and discuss certain issues. However, we estimate that this meeting, which we will witness in future episodes, will be slightly different from the ones usually found in destroyers and creators. We will then try to explain the reason for this meeting.

Goku a problem?

The first reason is Goku. The Saiyajin has given to speak and in this meeting his name will be heard.

Their acts, which are not well seen by the gods, will trigger discussions and will be discussed among them. On the other hand, although the relationship between these deities is not the best, They do not stop being gods And at the same time companions and although there is much rivalry, Competition and pride of one another this meeting would serve as a farewell due to that everyone is aware that their fellow men will die in the next Tournament. The disappearance of the universes is imminent, at least so far, and said meeting (Even if it is full of discussion) will serve as a farewell among the Gods involved in the competition.

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The second reason is the choice of the different warriors who participated in the tournament, they must choose wisely if they want to secure victory.

Finally, it is not known if Liqir, Araq, Ivan y Gine will be present, because they will not participate in the Tournament, but we estimate that being a gathering of Gods they will also attend, despite being exempt from the disappearance.