The advance of chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super showed us many interesting things which astonished many of the fans. Among all these things we come across the new appearance of Majin Buu, being very slender, taller and thinner.

New look

While it was a huge surprise to see the pink monster with that look, previously thanks to a synopsis of this episode we had been revealed that Buu would undergo changes in his appearance. However, we did not think the changes would be so noticeable, resembling the super Buu we saw in the fight against Gotenks than the real Buu we know.


After seeing this advance, the question that all fans of Dragon Ball are made is the following: Why this overwhelming change in the appearance of majin buu?

First instance

In first instance, the last synopsis of episode 85 mentioned that Buu suffered this change due to intense training. If we emphasize the latter, it seems that the clearest answer is that this appearance is due to that simple motive, But unfortunately this idea is dropped when we see that in the opening of the series Majin Buu walks along the platform of the tournament next to his teammates with his typical physical state and not as shown in Chapter 85.

So why do we see this change?

First of all it should be mentioned that Majin Buu's body can take different forms and this can become thin if you want, as we saw in Dragon Ball Z when he changes his face to kiss a young earthling who then rejects him, being this one of the reasons by which Buu changes its appearance, being a purely aesthetic motive. being a purely aesthetic motive. We thought that the training effectively helped change the physique of Buu but it is only for a limited time and before the tournament (after eating much as he usually does) this loses this prodigious physical state returning to be as it was before.

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As a last alternative we can theorize that Goku himself recommended Buu adopt this form alleging that his previous physical state being very big can be a disadvantage in the tournament and hinder their movements. Nevertheless, we believe that this last option is not completely convincing but knowing Goku everything can happen.