While the "Dragon Ball Super" fandom was given a treat about what's going to happen in episode 86, V-Jump magazine has a deluge of information spilled about the anime's future episodes. Apart from the above-mentioned episode, the publication has released the synopsis for episodes 87 to 89.

Episode 87: An Unholy Alliance

Huge "Dragon Ball Super" pundit Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) took to Twitter to break the news about the upcoming episodes. "Dragon Ball Super episode 87" dubbed "Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No.


17's Joint Battle!!" is said to feature the two warriors facing an unknown foe aboard a huge ship. This after Android 17/Lapis declined the Son Goku's Invitation to be part of the looming Tournament of Power. Many now believe that this unusual team up will have the humanoid reconsider the Saiyan's invite.

Episode 88: Gohan's refresher course with his green uncle

It is no surprise that Son Gohan will be asking good ol' Uncle Piccolo's guidance for this episode. Dubbed "Gohan and Piccolo: The Master and Disciple's Intense Training to the Limit!" will showcase the Namekian making a promise to Son Goku that he will be training Gohan until the Tournament of Power arrives.

"Dragon Ball Super" faithfuls, on the other hand, have been stressing that albeit the numerous stronger beings that Son Gohan can train with, he still agreed to become Piccolo's student yet again. However, it can be recalled that during "Dragon Ball Z's" "Cell Saga," Son Gohan has buffed up pretty good and thanks to Piccolo's extreme training back then, he was able to vaporize the iconic antagonist. The episode will air on April 30.

Episode 89: Could she be the forgotten character in the 'Dragon Ball' lore?

Lastly, episode 89 - "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! Mystery of the Tenshin-Style Dojo ?!" that will air on May 7, will feature Son Gohan visiting Kame-sennin/Master Roshi in his reclusive island house.

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However, Oolong advises him to go to the newly opened dojo of Tenshinhan as Roshi went there to check it out.

What made this episode intriguing is the mysterious lass that will also be gracing the dojo and will be introducing herself as "Yurin." Followers of the show are speculating that such name could be just a codename to hide her true identity. The YouTube channel Geekdom101 speculated that the character could be Launch/Ranchi that Akira Toriyama admittedly forgot. Nevertheless, such assumption should be deemed circumstantial and should be taken with grains of salt.

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