A few hours ago has confirmed the origin of the character Dyspo, who is confused with the God Of Destruction of the universe 7th. For many of you have brotherhood kinship but it is not so since this beloved character in the universe 11 is a warrior And has nothing to do with the brothers Beerus and Champa.

The plot

Now Dyspo is a character with a high level of intelligence, but in terms of powers is not the fastest because his species is recognized as a rabbit and only has agility to run but by fighting this makes him the weakest.


For many reasons you can meet in the power tournament that is organized by the Zenos Gods.

His powers are based only on speed to insert a hard blow on the face of the adversary in which can leave him on the verge of a deep sleep, but when compared to Goku would be eliminated in a matter of seconds since if we remember a Saiyans has the ability to fight In the phase of the "Ordinary Saiyans", which is the phase number 1 in which its base state consists of surpassing the rival without having in his mind to assassinate it.

Additional information

Secondly we can see that Dyspo uses a lightning attack to blind the villain's eyes or even in the power tournament he can use it so that his opponent falls to the vacuum platform and thus can follow his Universe alive. Since the words spoken by the Zenos-Samas Gods have to do with their birth, since for more than 1000 years no God of destruction or Kaioshins could make their level of intelligence and powers grow in a great way and that is why There are evil creatures who are in charge of administering all 12 universes.


Although Dyspo is not a brother of the gods of the destruction of the universe 7, if he is worthy to participate for many reasons in which his universe is one of those who have more birth level and abilities, surpassing universes 6 and 7th because they are Have entrusted to spend eating the exquisite dishes of planet Earth and his work of a God of destruction goes unnoticed and that is why Goku lacks respect in some chapters of the anime series.

In the V-Jump magazine it can be translated that the character of the universe 11 can cause a great surprise when joining its powers with the elite troop that is led by Toppo, who is the only one who knows the power and ability of a Saiyajins in the phase Blue God that many of you have surprised, while in the manga is more augmentative powers of each character.

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