Chapter 86: Goku goes in search of Android 17 to try to recruit him for the Power Tournament. It is thanks to Dende that he finds it on a large island in the South. On that island, the android works as a ranger guarding the animals and plants of a natural reserve.

The plot

The encounter between Goku and the most powerful Android - who is named Lapis - had been produced. We estimat that after such a meeting the Android will ask the Saiyan, "what do you want? And why he has gone to look for it?" After this, the Saiyan will tell him the motives of his search.


After knowing the causes, the Android rejects Goku's invitation. It is noteworthy that it is not yet known if Goku will tell him the truth about the tournament or if he will tell it as a simple event.

After this, Goku will continue to try to recruit him desperately, but without success, until the Android decides to participate. After this, we estimate that Goku will challenge Lapis to see his qualities in combat and he will be pleasantly pleasant surprised to see the great power that the Android owns. This is in comparison to his power in the saga Cell.

Additional information

Finally, a group of poachers will appear in the reserve that protects the Android, trying to take the animals or worse, exterminate them for reasons that we do not know. After this, the Android will rescue its protégés and Goku will help to prevent these hunters - coming from another planet - to end the life of the nature reserve, which the now friend of the Saiyajin takes care of.

This is a short summary of episode 86 that is about to premiere in a few minutes. It should be noted that we will have a special with a lot of argument and in turn with a lot of action, since the fight of Android 17 and Goku promises a lot and in the advance of that episode, we can see the Saiyan in his already overexploited state of 'God.'

Needless to say, we must be attentive to the dialogues, as there are interesting new developments in Goku and Android talks, such as the new power of the Android.


Finally, something to emphasize and that we should not ignore is the control of the KI of Lapis, which drew much attention in the new opening.

Android 17 is expected to surpass any mortal levels on Planet Earth and the 12 Universes that are participating in the Power Tournament. That was s organized by the Zenos-Samas Gods so that only one winner exists and the losing Universes will be wiped out to give a better balance to the Galaxy.