A few hours ago, many rumours were published about the arrival of the character who made his debut in the saga of Black Goku or better known as the saga of Zamasu. He was the one who revealed to his master Gowasu, how to take the dimensional rings and use this to travel using the lines of time between the present and the future.

The plot

In the Universe 10 the reason for all the evil that could be seen in the series of 'Dragon Ball Super,' was because Zamasu was jealous that the Saiyajins and the humanity lacked respect for the Universal Gods that exist in the 12 Universes.


It was obvious that Goku lacked the respect as he was always addressing his comments about the Gods in a sarcastic way and he ignored the fact that the Gods of Destruction can see and know all. He was not aware that they can see planet Earth, and malignant creatures and so he thought that humanity was not on the verge of death.

Although Black Goku is not a character with the appearance of Gotenks, many claimed that he was the son of Goku, but it was not so. In reality, a Kaioshin of the Universe 10 wanted to be the strongest of the 12 universes and planet Earth and thus eliminate the Saiyans and humanity.

This is because they are to blame for everything bad that happens in the environment. Many humans use water improperly and take the lives of sacrifice animals.

Additional information

Zamasu was the justification for the gods of destruction, although the God Beerus-Sama was not happy with the way he was acting. He decided to follow in his footsteps to try and eliminate it at once as he wanted to murder his god of the universe 10 and also Gowasu, his master of martial arts. But everything changes by the time Trunks parts in half leaving the God Zeno-Sama to change everything in the timelines.

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That is where peace can continue in the 12 universes and planet Earth.

To appear in the power tournament something surprising has to happen. This is so an anime villain can gather the dragon spheres and thus express the desire to return Black Goku alive. This is so it can join any universe that needs help. This time is will be a requirement for a universe to be the winner. Knowing his master Gowasu, his tastes would be for the Universe 10, which has an elephant god as their supreme deity. There are not many gods who could easily kill him.

This is not likely to happen as the participants in the tournament of power have been appointed by their supreme deities. I invite you to follow us in Blasting News for more news about the anime series Dragon Ball Super.