As surprising as it sounds, there are people out there that do not feel inspired by films or that simply do not understand how some people obsess over the classics and new films on a daily basis.

The issue comes when you attempt to have a Film conversation with those people. You know they won’t start screaming with joy when you mention Pulp Fiction, and they will certainly not relate to how mind-blowing The Truman Show was for you. They will look at you weirdly and drop an “I am not a movie fan” statement that might freeze your blood. Following from such a revelation, two things can happen: you change the conversation and move on, or you get into an intense argument, especially if you are sitting in a bar late at night.

One thing is for sure: if you have a friend like this or if you are yourself a film amateur, I would highly recommend exploring this art. So fear no more, for I have proposed the 5 key films to being this new era of your life and your beloved ones'.

Fight Club

One of the best films ever without a doubt. Packed with great symbolism, an amazing cast and brilliant characters, along with a great soundtrack, makes Fight Club a very enjoyable film which has the potential to change your views about society and capitalism.

Audience type: Bear in mind this is not the film you would watch whilst you are focusing on something else. It needs some effort, to make sure all the details are perceived.

You may also like The Beach, Trainspotting and American History X.

Kill Bill (vol 1)

Who doesn’t like a good revenge story? This might be one of my favourite female protagonist films there are. If you are curious of why so many people rave about Tarantino, this film is a must. Not only the story is of the most entertaining ones, but it has a very distinctive aesthetic to it, which is very typical of this amazing film creator.

Audience type: anyone who is fond of action and battle, but with a twist. There is really no way to describe Tarantino according to its audience, but I would personally recommend this film to anyone who wants to discover Tarantino for the first time. Oh! An interest in Japan and Samurai battles might help!

You may also like Kill Bill vol 2., Pulp Fiction and American Beauty.


Probably the film with the most French stereotypes in the mainstream film scenario, and yet I love it and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who has disliked it so far. The film follows the story of this young girl who lives in a world of her own. Full of colours, picturesque scenes and the lovely Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack just makes this film one of a kind.

Audience type: Anyone could like this film. But do not watch it with the same eyes as you would watch Fight Club. Take it as a story telling time and feel ready to get inspired by its artsy ambience.

You may also like The Untouchables, Midnight in Paris and Goodbye Lenin,

Forrest Gump

For extreme cases only, should your amateur friend has never seen this classic, do not think twice and force them to watch it.

Again, it is not the type of film you can watch in the same way as the first two films of this list, but it is a unique and unusual approach to the American history and culture. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be in the 40s all the way to the 90s, do not hesitate to give this film a try. Also, is there a reason not to watch a film starring Tom Hanks?

Audience type: literally anyone

You may also like: Big, Rain Man and Goodwill Hunting

Modern Times

For those who are unaware of Chaplin's genius, I would suggest starting with Modern Times. Its political criticism to the Industrial Revolution and the capitalist system with its classic Chaplin clever sense of humour will guarantee a good time full of laughter,

Audience type: Everyone except those with difficulties watching silent films or who get easily irritated by classical music.

You also need to tolerate black and white films!

You may also like The Kid, The Great Dictator and City Lights (all by Chaplin).

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