Chapter 81, Bergamo's crushing against Goku. The episode begins with the reactions of all the spectators before the decision of Zeno-Sama to destroy the loser Universes in the power tournament.

Bergamo is angry with Goku?

Bergamo was angry at the situation and addressed all the representatives of the Universes saying: "All Gods listen, I am the big brother of the trio danger, Bergamo the crushing. I am a warrior of the 9 Universe that Zeno-Sama said was the universe with the least. If this guy had not asked for that idiot desire, we could still be at peace.


This guy is an idiot who is not thinking about anything. You are the enemy of all The Universes, therefore I will crush you".

He continued saying, "Zeno-Sama, when you defeat this guy, please do not erase the loser Universe." All the Universes are in favor of Bergamo when they hears these words, to which Zeno-Sama responds: "We have already decided, yes, we already decided it. But you, you said good things, it is well".

Then it is decreed that if the Universe 9 wins the battle against Goku, the rule of eliminating the losing Universes will be abolished and if Goku is allowed to win, then the Universes are not destroyed. There is a possibility that Zeno-Sama will destroy all Universes anyway.

Goku responds: "I do not want to lose either, I will go with everything."

The Plot

The match starts with a series of successful shots by Bergamo against Goku in a very even battle in terms of knocks and kicks. Bergamo asks Goku, to strike his body, and he will show why Bergamo is called the crushing machine. Goku hits him hard and Bergamo receives all his blows without moving and at the same time grows in size and increases his power, since his ability is to take the attacks of the enemy and transform them into his strength.

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The fight becomes a bit difficult for Goku as Bergamo is increasing its power very much when receiving all the blows. Goku is thrilled by the situation and becomes Super Saiyan and begins to give a series of blows to Bergamo until turning him into a giant beast brimming with power. To finish him, Goku becomes "Super Saiyajin Blue," realizes the Kaio-Ken and throws him a super (kame-Hame-Ha) with which he defeats Bergamo easily.