Today we find a new synopsis referring to the next episode 82 that will be released on March 19th. This episode will show us the fight between Toppo and Goku, a fight that is generated from the challenge of the powerful leader of the patrol of pride of the eleventh Universe.

The plot

Title: "It is unforgivable, Son Goku, Warrior of justice Toppo explodes!". Release date: March 19th. Synopsis: The righteous one Toppo appears in front of Goku !. While Goku and the others won the victory for Universe 7, the Toppo fighter of Universe 11 suddenly appears.


Full of rage he swears he will not forgive Goku, but? Zeno, this week: Interested in the Goku and Toppo fight, Zeno accepts a proposal from the Gods of the 11th universe for an additional fight.

Although it has been extremely short, the synopsis and the extra data that we reveal about Zeno gives us to understand something extremely important. In the first instance, we can read that the fight between Goku and Toppo will be so spectacular in the eyes of the "King" of all that will accept a request of the Universe 11 so that there is an additional fight post tournament.

This agrees with what we see in the new Opening of the series and this additional fight could be the one of Goku with the warrior of the Opening that apparently has by name Jiren.

Additional information

On the other hand, the fight between Goku and Toppo will be stopped by the high Priest. We estimate that the fight will take a very destructive path, which can cause the two participants to collapse and because of that the high priest will choose to stop the encounter and save the spectacle for the Power Tournament, this being the main event.

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Finally, it is undeniable that both Toppo and the Universes see Goku as the villain and cause of everything because the synopsis mentions that Toppo sees Goku angry. It is very likely that the rest of the fighters see Goku with the same eyes as Toppo, making the fight for the universe even more complicated. 7. How will they win? We'll know soon enough.