A few days after the premiere of Dragon Ball Super episode 82, fans are very eager to see the first great bout of this new saga between Goku of Universe 7 and Toppo of universe 11. This fight was based on the challenge of Toppo, Who doubts the Goodness of Goku and based on these doubts decided to challenge him to find out if Saiyajin is a threat to the Universes.

The plot

While this fight will be epic and very exciting, the synopsis of chapter 82 revealed that Daishinkan would stop the fight at the climax of it.


This has been a bit daunting for the fans as they expected to be able to enjoy a fight of such characteristics. Apart from that, we can not ignore the reason why Daishinkan is forced to stop the fight, or rather, why he makes the decision to stop it? If there are many reasons, then we will analyze some that come to mind to explain this decision of both Daishinkan and the king of everything, Zeno.

Additional information

1) The first coherent motive is the intensity of the fight. This being a fight outside of the exhibition tournament and the original power tournament, it would be unnecessary to fight to death.

As you well know, the Gods are very neutral and little interested in the problems of others, then it would be ridiculous a fight of such proportions for them. Based on this, Daishinkan would stop her.

2) Leave the show for the power tournament. Continuing with the idea that it is a fight outside the exhibition tournament and the original tournament that is about to take place, Zeno would tell Daishinkan to stop the fight and let it conclude in the same Power Tournament, providing a unique show In that event.

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3) Possible death of the warriors involved. Having the power tournament just around the corner, Daishinkan and Zeno will not allow Toppo and Goku to die being these two key pieces to the show because of their great powers. If Goku and Toppo go with all their strength in this first match their lives would be in danger, plus that of Goku who is tired of the recent fight with Bergamo. Because of this, the combat would stop to preserve the life of the warriors for the next tournament.