Without any doubts Black Goku has been one of the few villains that in a way or another achieved his goal of destroying mankind, although at a high price for himself. The evil deeds of this dark character were such that even today, after many weeks since the saga ended, we are still trying to reveal clues and mysteries about him.

Although the saga itself revealed many interesting facts about him, the truth is that many are still a mystery. One of the facts that we will reveal today is which universe does the terrible ant-humans belong to.


Let’s suppose that Black is still alive and that he is forced to participate in the Tournament of power. As you are well aware of, only the strongest warriors of 8 different Universes can participate in the event. Even though it is estimated that the warriors may not be specifically from the same Universe they’ll fight for, the question is.

Which Universe does Black belong to?

To explain this we must mention the fact that although Black Goku may look like Goku, he is in fact Zamasu, who belongs to Universe 10.

Nevertheless, Black Goku’s body is that of Goku’s who is from Universe 7. This duality is, in the end, creating some confusion making it hard to arrive to a conclusion.

If we are to believe that the looks are everything, then without any doubts Black should belong to Universe 7 since his body is that of Goku since he was born in Universe 7. But if we are to think that what really matters is the spirit, then Black should fight for Universe 10, since he is in fact the Supreme Kai of that Universe.

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Black Goku is, in appearance, Goku and this determines that he should participate in favor of Universe 7. Yet his soul is that of the Supreme Kai from Universe 10 and this condemn him to fight for that Universe. But the truth is that if he was alive, he should not be able to fight in the Tournament of power, since he is in fact a Supreme Kai, a God, and as such his participation is out of order. As you all know by now, no God is allowed to participate in the Tournament of power (at least as a warrior), so the answer is simple.

It doesn’t matter if he has Goku’s body, the fact that he is still Zamasu, a Supreme Kai, and as such he cannot take part in any of the battles of the Tournament.

Thanks for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. Until next time!