As the beginning of the most important Tournament in the history of Dragon Ball draws nearer and nearer, fans are talking about the power tournament. The event will decide the future of 8 of the 12 existing universes, giving to the winner the possibility of saving his universe from imminent disappearance caused by the hand of Zeno. a

The most powerful

One of the many fighters we should not lose sight of is Hi, from the sixth universe. The hitman and character to defeat in the 6 and 7 universes saga is one of the great candidates who may obtain victory in this tournament due to his incredible techniques and cutthroat capacities. Coupled with this ,he this has the biggest responsibility in all the sixth universe as he is the strongest in that universe.



However, though his capacities are enormous, we won’t know until the tournament begins just what his chances will be due to the remarkable differences that this tournament presents. In the first [lace we don’t know if this tournament will have the same rules as the last tournament; rules such as the one that says 'no killing.' In the preliminary struggle that we are currently watching, that rule doesn´t exist and in that case, this would be a great advantage to Hit, since he could use his techniques freely.

On the other hand, we estimate that Hit won’t be the winner of the tournament for obvious reasons, and then we speculate about some possible scenarios that could theorize with the future of Hit in this tournament:

  • The possible scenario speaks about Hit being among the top four fighters. Due to his great popularity and power, we could see Hit amongst the strongest contestants of the tournament of power but we doubt that he will reach the end as this would be repetitive and boring.Will fall defeated against Goku. This theory is not only interesting but would serve to pay off the accounts. We can think that after two fights in which Goku was seen overcome by the Hitman that it is time for the super Saiyajin to show superiority and accomplish great things against the character who is currently his most powerful rival.
  • Incredible defeat against the Alien of the Opening. The evil called Alien that appears in the new opening could be the commissioned to take Hit away and the sixth universe out of the tournament.