The strength tournament is one of the most awaited and longed for sagas for the fans in which the pair of episodes showed that caused more impact are 78 and 79. In the 78 chapter, is where all the destructor gods, the Kaioshin and the angels make presence, and in the 79 episode is where Majim Boo is the first in fighting in the demonstrative tournament, achieving the victory. To that moment this both episodes has been very impacting, but this Saturday that have just ended has showed us a Gohan decided to win the struggle with Lavande, but this combat ended in a draw.

Episode 80

In each Saturday that passes, is more exciting the Universal tournament.

The 80 chapter revealed us that the exempt universes to be removed, do they win or lose, are the 1, 12, 5 8 and that only the universes not mentioned are prone to be eliminated and for not being deleted they have to win the tournament.

Whichever Universe loses will be deleted, but there are some that doesn’t run with that risk due to ther power level, and the rest will be destroyed by Zeno at the end of the tournament. Is for them that arises my theory: If the 7 Universe wins there are two possibilities, one is that Zeno sama doesn’t destroys the loser universes, the other, that Goku from the 7 Universe ask to super Shenlong to restore the Universes destroyed by Zeno sama.

Theories of the end of the Universal Tournament.

Theory number one: Goku, after that his team of the 7 Universe wins the tournament, goes with the Zenos and tells them to not destroy the loser universes, that in the tournaments you win and lost, and that a tournament is to know the skill of a fighter, so both Zenos decide that it’s okay and they don’t destroy the loser universes

Theory number two: Goku, after winning the force tournament goes to the Zenos with the same proposal of the theory number 1, but even though both Zenos decides to destroy and tell Goku that they can’t unsay, the Z warrior, worried, remembers that the prize to the winner are the super dragon spheres, is here where Goku decides to ask super Shenlong to restore the Universes destroyed by Zeno sama, and instantly all the destroyed universes reappear.

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