In the last hours very interesting information about one of the most mysterious characters that the Japanese series has brought us the last weeks was revealed. Vermut, the destructor God of the eleventh Universe has been undoubtly the most remarkable character from the beginning of this saga. His appearance left the fans perplexed in his first apparition and he could possibly be the most incredible antagonist of the series. However, the information revealed today tells us quite the opposite.

It is worth mentioning that the information you will read now is official, so it must be taken into account for future hypothesis about these characters and the future of the series. Firs,t we’ll review the information given today about the clown God, Vermut.


Vermut the clown God

Name: Vermut

Actor: Masami Kikuchi

Presentation: the destruction God of the eleventh Universe. He has a heart that doesn’t forgive evil and is very proud of the success of the pride patrols. These pride patrols are a group of super heroes that defend this Universe. Now we’ll go to his Angel, who at last was granted a name and a little description.

Markariita the Angel

Name: Markariita

Actress: Sasaki

Presentation: angel of the eleventh Universe. Is always giving advice to the Kaioshin Kai and to the destruction God Vermut, which aren’t strict enough.

She has a particular mode of talking too.

As you’ve seen, the angel of the eleventh Universe has the name Markariita, and seems to be, according to the description, the guide of the whole eleventh Universe, advising constantly to the Kaioshin and his destruction God, which lacks a strict form of being. On the other side, some information about Vermut was revealed. He appears to be ,ticked about being the future antagonist of this saga. Further, of these, the destruction god of the eleventh Universe never forgives evil and is a justice man.

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In his universe he has the best group of heroes that defend their world from any danger and threat.

Undoubtedly, this information overthrows tens of theories based on Vermut and his future as an antagonist in the series.