Complete summary of the tome 22 of the manga

The first image the edition presents is that of future Trunks, Mai and the Supreme Kai at the side of Gowasu’s body. Lets recall that in the last images of tome 21, Gowasu was attacked by Black Goku.

Suddenly, Zamasu surprises the Supreme Kai with a huge kick and readies himself to kill him, but Goku and Vegeta appears just in time to save the day. Goku salutes both Trunks and Mai (who gets surprised to see Goku but immediately asks for his help to aid Gowasu) After that, future Trunks gives Gowasu a Zensu Bean to heal him.


In the meantime, Vegeta is anxious to fight against Black Goku.

Goku tells Trunks his plan on how to defeat Zamasu, since he knows that the God is immortal. After that he pulls out a capsle and remembers the steps to properly perform the technique that will seal the enemy.

Vegeta transforms and the battle begins. He realizes that Zamasu tries to attack him from the back, but quickly reacts and in no time he replies with a strong punch. Black Goku is shocked to see how fast Vegeta’s reaction to Zamasu’s attack was, and suddenly he himself starts to feel the wrath of the Prince of the Saiyans.

Quickly, Trunks father takes the upper hand in the battle, and Black asks him how he managed to get so much power in such a short time. Future Trunks and Mai were also surprised to see the power of the Prince of the Saiyans. Now Black Goku knows he is in serious trouble.

Finally, Goku is about to lock Zamasu inside the jar. In the meantime, back at the present time, Master Roshi looks desperately for Goku and says that the main character of the series is so fool that he forgot the seal for the last step of the Ma-fuu-ba technique.

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Both Black and Zamasu fall to the ground and while Vegeta readies himself to perform his killing blow, Zamasu rises up and claims that he was about to be sealed by a human, and that they have grown too overconfident. After that both enemies merge themselves using the pothala earrings.

Curiosities of tome 22 of the manga

1) In the manga Goku was the one to perform the Ma-fuu-ba

2) Vegeta has a new transformation called Super Saiyan Red. This may cause some controversies.

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