Despite there is too much at stake in this close tournament, we see all the characters worried an anxious because of the pregnancy of Bulla more than for Zeno-Sama’s tournament. Everyone is excited due to the next born not knowing the risks ahead.

The kaio-shin says goodbye and go in search of possible warriors of other planets to conform who will protect the seventh Universe, the downside is that they’ll only have a 12,5% of possibilities of achieve to win the tournament, so there will be to choose wisely.


This chapter had a peace aura and emotion further of dread since we see Goku and the Gods very relaxed even giving some humorous scenes like the recommendation of calling Monaka and his nipples to form part of the team provoking anger on Bills, who shields saying that Monaka is sick and it’s impossible to take him there.


The best part was watching the Saiyajin Prince awaiting his Daughter and taking care of his wife. Indeed we never saw Vegeta so compromised with his family since even Bills tells him that if he doesn’t convince Bluma he won’t assist to the tournament.

In response the angel Wiss takes care of a very friendly birth to Bulma, who says that if she gets pregnant she will call him again, woman and vain after all.

Suddenly we see Vegeta’s daughter in arms of everyone causing Vegent’s anger and more when Satan and Yamcha provokes her crying turning Vegeta in blue courage god phase. Goten and Trunks are in the preparations too without knowing that Bulla has born suddenly to what Trunks doesn’t react very well since he wanted a little brother and not a little sister.


Chapter 84

On the other side we already know what’s next in Dragon Ball Super then for the chapter 84 Goku will recruit Krilin and 18. The next synopsis is known but I remember you that basically will be convince Krilin and 18 of fighting in Zeno-Sama tournament, maybe just will surprise us the progress of Krilin training with his wife, don't forget leave your commet about this article, see you in a next article.