The Universe Survival Arc, the current story arc on “Dragon Ball Super,” might have a big reveal coming up that determines the plot’s true antagonist. The story has already been rife with plot twists shaking up the multiple universes of the “Dragon Ball” world. Fans believe that all signs are pointing to the ominous Omni King (the ominous characteristic most likely being where he got his name) as the true villain instead of Goku.

True identity of Omni King yet to be revealed

The real identity of the Omni King has yet to be revealed, and that has sparked all kinds of debates and speculation amongst “Dragon Ball Super” fans, some of whom believe that the Omni King is really the Grand Priest.


This is a result of fans catching on that the Grand Priest has no mirror-earth double in the Universe Survival Arc. The anime series has introduced Zen-Oh as the Omni King previously, and now there are two Zen-Ohs, in the present-day one and the future one, which is getting a little confusing.

Some fans are speculating that one of these two Omni Kings is actually an evil antagonist, the true villain of this story arc. There have been hints during this current run of the show that one of the Omni Kings is secretly evil, to be revealed as such later this arc.

For starters, in the new opening title sequence for the show, there is a show of both Omni Kings, with one looking all jolly and happy and smiling and coloured blue, while the other is all grumpy and frowny and red. The writing on the wall is pretty clear and obvious and unsubtle on that one.

Opening song also contains hints at this

The opening music of “Dragon Ball Super” also contains suggestive lyrics about an angel and a demon sitting together. Hmmm. Oh, and the Omni Kings are the only two characters who sit on thrones, so the symbolism really couldn’t be clearer.

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Oh, and the lyrics also contain suggestions that faces of demons are being masked by the faces of angels, so it’s pretty obvious and we’re really just waiting for the reveal now.