After some days where information of the news has been leaked, is confirmed that Toppo enters into action but still remains unknown if he’ll do this presentation by order of his protector Vermut, or he will interfere in any way in the next fight that will be worked out in this previous tournament, and thus challenge one of the participants. Now we’ll do a very extensive analysis of this topic.

The first option is that Vermut asks for permission to the supreme beings to give a chance to Toppo to do his presentation, his excellent fighter and successor, which would have been his purpose from the beginning, since that is the only, besides the universes that fight in the previous ones, in bringing a warrior in this meeting, which is very strange and suspicious to bring in a being that isn’t a God in the meeting of gods.


Other option

The other option is that in the struggle that will keep Goku against Bérgamo, Toppo would interrupt this fight to enter in action, remember that Toppo is a very fair fighter, and very respectful with the gods, therefore some kind of offense or something adverse to the gods must happen between them, mean, to lack respect to the gods. For what, on this way, Toppo reaches the anger and wants to interrupt this extraordinary fight that are carrying out both.

In the fight seen in the advance of chapter 81, there is an abysmal difference between Goku and Bérgamo, additionally from the glibness that the last one to convince to the rest of universes to hate Goku, reason by which makes us think that Toppo goes against Goku, since many obtained information about Toppo saving Goku, but this can´t be given due to the power level difference between both fighters.


After feeling that the gods were offended, Toppo it’s found watching this and tighting the fists, waiting for his moment, but finally he can’t stand and enters into the boxing ring, challenging Goku in an exhibition fight, in which they’ll measure their powers. Obviously Toppo is even better fighter than Goku regarding to powers, and is and unknown rival for all, then is doesn’t known his techniques nor uses ki to increase his power. Is a new challenge for Goku.