After the confrontation between Goku and Bergamo, Daishinkan Sama says that the 8 universes that will participate in the universal tournament have to gather 10 participants. Toppo in Chapter 82 of "Dragon Ball Super" will have much protagonism.

Broly woman

is a very powerful warrior and will participate in the team of the Clown God. All the fans thought that the Broly woman belonged to the Universe 6 and is possibly a family member of Kyabe but apparently, the legendary girl belongs to the universe 11.


The (Legendary Girl) has a similar appearance to the famous Leona fighter from the King of Fighters. Toppo is a very powerful warrior and is a candidate to make it to a destroying God at the end of the saga of the universal tournament, Toppo will probably be named God destroyer of the universe 11 if the Clown God turns out to be an evil God.

Angels will not be destroyed?

Daishinkan Sama commented that the angels will not be destroyed. The angel Wiss once commented that there were 18 universes. Probably only the evil destroying Gods were destroyed by Zeno Sama, but the angels that accompany a divine destroyer are never destroyed. Perhaps the angels that do not have a destroying God live on a distant planet.

Additional Information

Toppo will probably train with the woman Broly. Toppo is the captain of his team and has the mission to win the universal tournament because if his team loses his universe will be destroyed. Hit the participant from Universe 6, is the most powerful warrior in his universe and will probably be defeated by Goku or Toppo. After the tournament of the 8 Universes, probably the 4 Universes that did not participate will have some conflict with the universe 7.

Really every universe can be erased by the two Zeno-Samas Gods and even today Wiss mentions that there are creatures with more powers that surpass the Gods of the destruction of each parallel Universe.

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That is why Beerus and Champa are afraid of not surviving to the end of the "Tournament Survival" as their universe could be damaged or erased if they fail.