Son Goku is very confident of his power and he has challenged all the Gods of destruction. They think that the Gohan´s Father is the villain because Bergamo said that in front of the two Zeno Sama, Daishinkan Sama and all of them before of his battle in the exhibition tournament. The capricious acts shown by Son Goku caught the eye of all universes, but especially of the universes two and eleven. Justly, these universes are twins and in one of them there is a candidate to be a God of destruction - he is called Toppo and he is the leader of the team that fights for justice in the universe eleven.


What happened in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super?

In the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we could see some things in Bergamo, who was the last fighter of the universe nine in the exhibition tournament. This character that belongs to the group of three has great power to convince as he can absorb the power of his opponent. It was just that trick that he used against the fighter of the universe seven, Bergamo through of the hits of Son Goku and the Ki waves he received increased his body size and he thought that had obtained the advantage.

The Saiyan was provoking to Bergamo because he wanted to take all the power off him, but that was not possible because Bergamo was getting slower. However, the saiyan continued attacking against his opponent.

The Toppo intervention and the defeat of Son Goku

While Son Goku continued attacking Bergamo, he decided to show all his power and executed a last attack. For this reason, he became a Super Saiyan God. This is the Super Saiyan transformation that was recently called Super Saiyan Blue. This made all the kaioshin of universe nine very surprised.

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All present at the battlefield saw in the Gohan´s father somebody with a Ki that rivals that of the Gods. For this in the battlefield the atmosphere changed; Son Goku became a true villain for the other universes and right now he is a military objective of all Gods of universe seven.

When Son Goku defeated Bergamo, the universe eleven took a lot more interest in it. For this reason, Toppo decided his intervention was needed and declare the war against Son Goku. This battle will be very interesting and we will see it in the next chapter if in this battle, Son Goku will be defeated.

He will start taking this a little more seriously.