After finding out from the high priest that the power Tournament will consist of a group fight, we’ve decided to make up a small game along with the readers that will assemble a fantasy or dream team for the seventh universe. Here is our dream team for the seventh Universe.

Our dream team picks

  • Kid Bu. The Little pink monster is undoubtly a fantastic fighter that we would like to bee being a part of seventh Universe team. Sadly, though, he doesn´t possess a conscience and would try to raze everything, but bear in mind that this is only a game and we can choose whoever we want.
  • Another powerful warrior that can’t be ignored is Gohan. The son of Son Goku is very powerful having a power higher than Super Saiyajin 3, and he should really be in this dream team.
  • The Saiyajin Prince, Vegeta, is another that can´t be left put. After Goku Vegeta owns the greatest power in this team and is very intelligent and careful, besides being a genius in struggles.
  • The most powerful Saiyajin of the Universe, Son Goku, is undoubtly the ace under the sleeve of the Hakaishin Bills. With a power that rivals with the gods, he possess techniques as the Kaioken that can increase even more his forces.
  • Golden Freezer: even if he is sinister and malicious, the special tyrant has surprising powers and would be senseless letting him outside the team.
  • The most powerful super android, Cell, possess an impressing power and capable of destroying an entire Solar System. Also can regenerate and has cells of the most powerful races.
  • While he absorbed the supreme Kaiosamas, we considerate hat having passed millions of year we can’t count them. The fat Majin Bu is very powerful, can regenerate despite being in thousands of pieces and his resistance is almost impossible for anyone. Undoubtly should have been in this team.
  • The Trunks of the future must be in this list. Everything what has suffered added. It can be helpful in the fights with less importance and his energy doesn’t have end.
  • Number 17 also can be part of this team, despite his level being lesser in comparison to the rest.
  • Last is Piccollo, who doesn´t have too much power but has a higher intelligence and it is because of that we award him with the captaincy of the team due to his great capacity as strategist and for his wisdom.