Both the new opening and the ending of number 7, have been the most mentioned topics during the last week. The principal reason is that the second closing music has powerful spoilers about the argument of the tournament of the 12 universes. Meanwhile, the lyric of the seventh closing music has a meaning that could be about a strong spoiler that many have been speaking during the last days.

Let’s begin with the new ending. This is the number 7 of the series, and is titled “Angles and Demons”. Just the name of the music already shows us its first creepy aspect thing- something that we’ll comment on below.


The lyrics

The first part of the lyric tells us the following: “A demon and an angle I see sat as friends, and in the middle am I, and I don’t know which I must confront” Maybe the sound of the song is really interesting, but undoubtedly, the lyric could have a dreadful meaning. Is possible that the lyric is spoiling us something that possibly we could see in the next official episodes of the series?

The lyrics continue and mentions that “in the middle I am and I don’t know who I must confront”. Undoubtedly it would make a lot of sense if really those words are linked to some Zeno Sama.

The answer

The answer could be found in that after the release of the last episode number 80 of Dragon Ball Super, Zeno Sama proclaimed the Universes would be destroyed anyway because of their low levels. On that occasion, it was mentioned that after the destruction of the Universes, only the angels would manage to stay alive. Say, neither the supreme Kaiosamas, nor the destructor gods survive? Only the angels would have that privilege of existing. What does all of this mean? The answer is easy.

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A long time ago, 18 were existing. Six of them were deleted by Zeno Sama. That is to say, the angels of the Universes 13 to 18 are still alive.

Definitely, you can’t miss chapter 81 of the series Dragon Ball Super, in which we’ll see fights between the principal characters of the series and the warriors of the ninth universe. Don’t forget to leave your comment.