The opening and the ending generally transmits us a message that’s related to the anime future. The group of Akira Toriyama always give us many tracks and it is often a bit difficult to read the hints.

Angel and Demon?

At the end of Angel and Demon, the lyrics begin saying, "a demon and an angel, I see sat as friends and in the middle am I, I don’t know who I must confront."

Probably the ending is just about Goku. The motivation is because Goku is the reason for what could happen with all the universes that participate in the tournament.


Analyzing this part of the song we get the feeling that Goku will probably be thoughtful and feeling he is at fault due to the fact that the losing universes in the Universal Tournament saga will be destroyed.

Later, the song, says, "In the middle am I, I don´t know who I must confront." Seemingly the father of Gohan will think that this may refer to a reply from Zeno Sama, and thus all the universes could be forgiven. In the song it also says," I don’t who I must confront, destroy myself, destroy the things, in my hate never let me rest, I think." Which would be the best answer?


Analyzing the next part of the song, I think that Goku, feeling so guilty, is searching for the answer of which road to follow.

He could be a demon or an angel. The way of the demon would be winning the Universal Tournament. The angel would be saving the universes.

Toppo challenged Goku, wanting to know if Goku is a villain. Concluding the analysis, Zeno Sama could, in the end, forgive everyone as the father of Gohan asks Zeno Sama to destroy him. Finally, probably Zeno Sama, won’t destroy his friend, and the saga will end with a happy moment involving the two most powerful gods who will be pleased after watching so incredible battles.


Thanks to Goku the gods will be pardoned and will have to change their way of thinking and have to try to help the mortals. To end this note we remind you that this week there won’t be an episode of Dragon Ball Super due to a special programming in the channel in which the series is broadcast.