Jren is the name of Toppo’s most powerful warrior. He is a righteous warrior and likehis leader, always fights to defend justice. Toppo himself admires Jiren and he has declared that he will be his official successor. Toppo’s team is composed of righteous warriors who fight to protect justice and their main goal is to stop those who want to conquer Universe 11. Vermouth, the God of destruction of that Universe admires and supports this “league of justice”.

The assassin Hit is a powerful warrior from Universe 6 and he is the strongest of them all.


He controls a technique called Time Skip, which consists in giving small jumps into the future. Goku faced him for the first time at the tournament organized by Beerus and Champa. In that battle Hit proved to be more powerful than Goku, forcing the Saiyan to push himself beyond his limits (with consequences in the successive episodes) just to match the assassin’s fighting level.

But Goku would have his rematch as finally, he learned to counter Hit’s technique. In the famous game "Dragon Ball Heroes" we can see that Jiren is more powerful than Hit, and even more powerful than Vegito.

Details about Toppo’s successor

Jiren has a powerful technique called Fireball. In the opening we can see him fighting against Goku, and being capable of keeping up the pace even though facing the star of the show in his Super Saiyan Blue stage, but in the end, Goku will finally perfect his Kaioken technique.

It is rumored that in the Tournament in which 80 warriors will face against each other at the same time that Hit will be defeated by Jiren and then face Goku. It is also expected that Hit will be supporting Universe 7.

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Next on episode 82

Toppo will show his true power. Jiren is one of those characters that have a muscular body (usually this kind of warriors sacrifice agility in favor of brutal strength), but despite this fact he can fly very fast and is very agile, just as the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly was.

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