Dozens of new characters have appeared in the series recently. Between this wave of new personages, we can find angels, new warriors of different Universes, Kaioshins, Hakaishins, Gods and others. However, despite being present in the series several episodes ago, we do not know the Names of most beings present, that is why we will show you the last names revealed.

Mysterious revelation

In the first instance, revealed the name of the angel and teacher of Shidora, god of the destruction of the ninth universe.


His "Angel" is named Mohito. Its name would derive from the well-known cocktail of the same name based on rum. We continue with the names of the Kaioshins revealed so far. Here we will leave you a list. Universe 1: Anato. Universe 3: EA. Universe 4: Kuru Universe 5: Oguma.

Universe 7: Shin. Universe 8: Iru. Universe 9: Rou. Universe 10: Gowazu. Universe 11: Kai. Universe 12: Agu. Those are the names of the Kaioshins revealed so far. Incredibly, there is still a name to release and that is the Kaioshin of the second Universe, who is linked to the Goddess of destruction Jerez.

Additional Information

Finally, the most interesting revelation regarding names has been that of the powerful warrior of the eleventh Universe that fights against Goku in the Opening. However, it has not yet been 100% confirmed that the name is the original of this character but equally we share it with you. The name of this character would be Jiren.

I insist that it has not been confirmed that this is the original name since Shueisha has been rudely rusting in his last leaks. They will surely remember what was said about Bergamo, which said that it manipulated a powerful poison, which was not so since the poison manipulator was Lavenda.

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Due to the latter, you must take this information with discretion. Needless to say, if this news is confirmed, we will be communicating it immediately.

While the most unfortunate thing is that there is no chapter this next Saturday of the year 2017, for personal reasons since "Toei Animation" wants to take a deserved vacation next to its designers and thus return between a week with the new arc of the Tournament of the Power that is Organized by the Zeno-Samas Gods.