To Son Goku, there is no greater goal than to become the strongest warrior of all times. The Saiyan’s aspirations are high when it comes to how strong he can be, and he has managed to find a way to make a name through the years. From the first episode of “DRAGON BALL”, to the actual Dragon Ball Super, Goku has been known for his unrelenting will to become stronger and fight anyone who can further improve his fighting skills. Inside Univserse 7, Goku is considered an imposing warrior who is only defied by the Prince of the Saiyans Vegeta.


The fans of the series have joined to support Kakarot (as his Saiyan’s true name is) honoring his skills and stubbornness. If he can be considered as the strongest warrior in an entire universe, then our hero does after all deserve such acknowledgement. Nevertheless, in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, the anime gave some relevant information regarding the size of Univserse 7, and the fans aren’t very happy about that.

In the last episode

The fans heard in shock as the Supreme Kai said that only 28 planets are left in the Univserse capable of life.

With worlds such as Sadal and Old Namek destroyed, only a few planets are still alive. So Goku and his friends will have to focus on Earth’s warriors to assemble the team that will represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Zeno-Sama.

Fort the fans this is an incredible low number, since Universe 7 has always been described as one of the biggest of all. Some have been trying to know how the Supreme Kai managed to get to this number. With characters such as Majin Buu and Frieza, we know that many planets were destroyed before Goku even existed or was able to stop them.

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In fact, Majin Buu has also killed many Supreme Kais, leaving only a few deities left to properly heal the Univserse. So, we can conclude that it is possible that the destructive behavior of some critical characters (including the God of destruction Beerus) have in fact bleeded Univserse 7 out of warriors too fast.

So far

The number seems to be a retcon to keep the Goku’s team in the main scene, but the fans are not very happy with the choice that has been made. Having a Universe so small seems to go against the scale of the myths around “the franchise’s universe, and as can be expected, the fans are disgusted with the feel that some of the lore has been lost.

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