While the Power Tournament has not yet started and we continue to see the preliminary fights between Universe 7th and Universe 9, it is mentioned that the series could end after this definitive Tournament where they will play for life in the universes - or most of them.

Some time ago it was mentioned that "Dragon Ball Super" could have up to 200 episodes, but we are already going through chapter 82 and the power tournament has not even started. In addition to that, we know that there will be many battles, fighters, and stories to come, so we do not rule out the series ending after this tournament. However, if not, we will analyze some ideas that could Give Life to new sagas after the tournament of power.


The plot

The first idea for a new saga is undoubtedly the angels. These infinitely powerful beings are still a great mystery to all. All we know is that they are angels who have a very high position, beyond the Kaioshins and "Hakaishins" and who are responsible for being the masters, guides, and protectors of the Gods of destruction. The scarcity of information could help to make a new saga where these beings are the protagonists, giving the fans more episodes to enjoy.

The Universes of the highest level is undoubtedly the saga of the future that has the most weight.

As we well know, Daishinkan announced and left exposed both the Universes of low and higher quality. The best universes in every sense are the Universes 1, 5, 8 and 12, of the destroying Gods Ivan, Araq, Liquir and Giin. In the words of the high Priest, these Universes are exempt from participating in the power tournament and their non-participation would be key to the beginning of a new saga in which these unexplored and unknown worlds are the protagonists with new and powerful warriors.

Additional information

It is worth mentioning that for a new beginning saga the audience has to play a role in favor of the series, by at least staying with the most watched anime throughout the saga.

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If so, we estimate that Dragon Ball Super will continue without problems after finalizing the dramatic "Tournament of the Universes".