Every time the beginning of the power tournament between the universes that will match in a duel for their survival is nearer and nearer. Previously, we have analysed different fighters and at the same time, we analyse their future in the power tournament, as Hit, for example. Now, is the moment to assess the emperor of the sixth universe, the pirate and mobster Frost.


The opposite of Freezer remained in the forgetfulness after his participation in the tournament between the 6 and 7 universes, being defeated and humiliated b Vegeta.


While Goku humiliated him too, the last one lost due to the still unknown poison of the demon Frost. After his defeat he tried to escape with the cube of the Gods that Vados promised to Hit if he won, being intercepted by the hitman and defeated.

After that, anything was known of Freezer until episode 71, in which we see that a journalist of an unknown planet of the sixth universe mentions that his whereabouts is still unknown. We estimate that after his malicious plan of conquering planets and disguise as a hero, he was discovered and ran away.

However, Frost will be present in the tournament of power representing the sixth Universe of Champa, and is here when we ask: Which power will have Frost to this tournament? Will be the same or will have a similar condition to Freezer?

Frost equal to Freezer?

It’s to remark that Frost is exactly equal to Freezer, and in consequence, his abilities and increasing power capacity should be similar, but, will overcome his rival of the Seventh universe? The answer to this question is yes. Frost is more than capable not only to obtain a condition similar to Golden but also to overcome that border, even surpassing the actual power of Goku in blue Super Saiyajin, as we know, Freezer resurrected with fewer powers and after a training of 4 months was able to obtain a power equal to the Super Saiyajin God Goku.

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Frost, who is stronger than the Freezer of the Namek saga, could overcome with profit the power obtained by the former emperor of the seventh Universe since his basic power is much higher. Then, training adequately, we would see in Frost an overwhelming power. Added to that, if Frost achieves to stabilise all that power, it could be one of the aces of the team of Universe 6.