The episode 82 of Dragon Ball Super showed us an impressive fight between Toppo and Goku, which was canceled at its best by Daishinkan. The high priest stopped the fight by explaining that if both fighters went with their maximum powers these could get to die, losing a spectacular fight that could arise in the tournament of power.

After this, Toppo, who was deeply humiliated to have been damaged by Goku who considers an evil being, told the Saiyan that he could never against Jiren, the hero of his universe.


In these words Toppo gives to understand clearly that both he and Goku are weaker than Jiren but, Will these words be true?

Power of Toppo

As we could see, the power of Toppo is similar to that of Goku at least in his state of Super Saiyan blue god. However, little by little it was losing protagonist in the fight while Goku dominated it. To the last, Toppo, enraged and with his pride hurt due to being hurt by the technique of Goku Decided to increase its power to the maximum and Goku did not waste time and did the same releasing the power of his Kaioken.

Until this part of the fight we estimate that Goku was going to obtain the victory, but it seems that Jiren overcomes that great power of Goku. So how powerful is Jiren?

Analyzing further the power of Goku,Toppo and Jiren. It would not be much difference of power, we think that Jiren takes a bit of advantage to both the leader of the pride patrol and Goku. That's why the difference is little because we did not see Toppo 100% convinced of the victory of Jiren, implying that this would not be exceedingly superior to Goku in power.

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On the other hand, many have asked us why Jiren being the strongest Is not the leader of the patrols of pride and we estimate that this is due to the sense of justice and wisdom. Perhaps Toppo although less powerful is the wisest of the group and with more sense of justice and love for the universe. While Giffen is stronger may not denote the intelligence and goodness that Toppo may possess in his heart, making it perfect for the leader position.