Our hero has been changing in all known aspects, being these attitudes, maturity, pride and power. Some changes are more noticeable than others and among these notorious changes we find the power, the one who has been mutating surprisingly throughout all the sagas in which the Saiyan was forced to increase its level to fight against terrible enemies, below the Power Levels.

Saiyajin Saga

Goku vs. Raditz: 416.

Trained by Kaiosama: 8,100.

Goku Kaioken: 12,000

Kaioken × 2: 16,200

Kaioken ×3: 24.300

Kaioken ×4: 35.000

Goku Genkidama: 200k

Namek Saga:

After training under a gravity of 100: 90k

Kaioken ×2: 180k

After recovering from his wounds: 3m

Kaioken ×2: 6m

Kaioken ×10: 30m

Kaioken ×20: 60m

Super Saiyajinn: 150m

Return to Earth:

Goku base: 4,2m

Goku Super Saiyajin vs Trunks: 210m

Saga Dr. Gero and Android 19:

Goku Sick Super Saiyajin: Two hundred million and constantly diminishing.


Saga Tournament of Cell:

Goku Super Saiyajin maximum power: Four billion

Saga Bábidi and battle against Majin Vegeta:

Goku Super Saiyajin ordinary: Five billion

Goku Super Saiyan 2: Ten billion

Final Fight against Kid Bu:

Goku Super Saiyan 3: Thirty billion.

Goku Genkidama: One hundred and fifty billion.

State God

Goku Super Saiyajin Red God: The red God state like the blue can not be measured nor can we account or multiplying power based on transformations since it is not such a thing. However, Goku's power in this state rises to unsuspected levels.

As a parameter and example we can put Vegetto Super Saiyajin who has a power of 475m. Being the red God state even stronger than this warrior and having the possibility of regenerating his wounds besides consuming a null amount of energy.

Super Saiyajin blue: Although it can not be measured with numbers, this facet is a multiplier of the red god since it is his version in Super Saiyajin. This state multiplies by 50 the power of the red god state but consumes a massive amount of energy. Added to that can not be used repeatedly since its power once used does not have the same effect.

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