In the 82 episode of Dragon Ball Super, Toppo averred that Goku wouldn’t be able to confront Jiren in the Power Tournament. Remember that Toppo only had the opportunity to see Goku in the blue Super Saiyajin state merged with the kaioken in that occasion, and asserted that with that power he would be able to equal Toppo’s power, however Toppo didn´t let Goku see his power. Goku's Kaioken increased 10 times, so his power is much more indefinable in comparison to Toppo´s figures.

The last ones that achieved were Destructor God and assistants of the sixth Universe, that is to say Champa and Vados, but even like that they’ve met the highest levels of Goku since they didn´t know the power won in the battle against Black Goku and Zamasu.

Goku's training

Goku by gathering the 10 participants for the power tournament should at least dedicate some time to their training, and that the best option is the room of time, later seemingly the use of the technique of blue Super Saiyajin merged with Kaioken is very normal for Goku, is it to say that doesn’t take any risk when used, moreover, it’s even natural to Goku, however the physic wear and tear of his power is still the debility of this technique so that, is thought that the most optimal technique of Goku is get into the time room and learn to manage the power in that state, completely with any energy attrition and seizing that doesn’t take risk when used, probably can nourish even 15 or even better 20 times his power in the kaioken.



Is the technique to the moment most probably for Goku to be the winner of the power tournament, actually Hit wouldn’t form any problem, if we remember Hit wasn´t able to confront the blue Super Saiyajin merged with the kaioken 10 times, furthermore this achievement get a beating by Son Goku in that state if he would have practiced more the technique in that moment a real power would be shown in that moment. So that without leaving behind the opening Goku shows a real evolution only that completely red so is more than obvious that could let to be the kaioken increased even the 20 times as limit.