The star of "Dragon Ball Super" has been changing his attitude lately, and all because of his rampant desire to fight against stronger opponents. If we recall the interview with the creator of the series Akira Toriyama, he said that Goku’s sole intention is to grow stronger. He also said that since the father of Gohan is a pure breed Saiyan, he is always in the need of a fight to grow stronger.

As we all know

The Saiyan warriors are always training so that they can continuously increase their fighting level.


When he was a little baby, Goku hit his head hard against a rock, making him forget his rude Saiyan attitude and thus transforming into a good guy, but never forgetting his need to become stronger. Vegeta is the only one that actually changed his ways with everyone else by his own decision. But now Goku finally has finally adopted a new attitude of his own choice after the accusations made by Bergamo - an attitude that could be considered as “evil”.

Now every God of destruction thinks that Goku is a villain, and for this reason at the end of episode 81Toppo, the righteous warrior decided to challenge Goku to a fight.

Toppo is a warrior of justice that is always fighting against evil and as he saw that every Universe considered Goku to be a threat, he decided to challenge the Saiyan and test Goku’s true intentions.

Is Goku’s dark side finally awakening?

It is possible that Toriyama’s intention is to make Goku’s obsession to fight become stronger, and gradually make him recover his evil and savage Saiyan side? After all, his change of attitude was never voluntary but a result of an accident. Maybe it will be up to Vegeta to control Goku and make him see reason before his evilness fully consumes him (let’s remember that Saiyans are naturally evil.) As we said before, Vegeta was the only one to change his behavior through his own will - maybe because of his relationship with Bulma and the need for raising and training Trunks.

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What do you think? Would you like to see Goku transformed into a villain?